CO2 Fire extinguisher Manama, Bahrain

CO2 Fire extinguisher manama,bahrain

When carbon dioxide is let on to a fire, it suppresses the combustibility of the material.  This is due to the lack of ability on the part of CO2 to burn and on the other the lack of access to oxygen to the flame.  There are some very popular methods used to handle this matter as discussed below.


FM 200 fire extinguisher, Manama, Bahrain 

FM 200 fire extinguisher: Here an artificial fire retardant the FM 200 gas is pumped into the area of the fire. This chemical is safe for people under limited conditions which makes it suitable for evacuation plans to be deployed. 


Similarly, Aromax deals with CO2 suppression systems as well as gas enabled suppression systems.  It speaks highly of the technical ability of the contractor that we can design and implement some of the most sophisticated of suppression systems possible.

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