Fire Alarm system & equipment's in Bahrain

A fire alarm system lets out a warning when a fire breaks out and differs from the smoke detectors in that the fire is detected as a flame or hot spot.

The smoke detectors detect byproducts of a fire but the fire alarm detects the high temperatures due to a fire.

Once a fire is detected, an alarm is set off to allow people in the vicinity know that there is a dangerous situation developing.

Types of fire alarms

• Conventional: The system uses simple actuators to detect and allow the monitoring of the fires. They are mostly the manual types too.

• Addressable: When some of the most complexes of fire alarms are being considered, they are the addressable systems. These include some of the most complex interconnected of systems and are rather complex in nature.

Aromax Fire Safety Bahrain is in a position to have the most complex of systems possible; both in the conventional as well as the addressable types too.

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