Emergency Light, Manama, Bahrain



An emergency light is a battery powered fixture that turns itself on and off automatically as the power supply comes and goes. What decides on the lighting system is the kind of back up time required to have the system running and in many ways the number of lights that form an emergency lighting system.


One of the most telling aspects of emergency lighting has been the use of LED lighting.  Not only do they provide a strong light beam, but it also tends to promote a smooth use of the system most of the time. At Aromax, every effort has been taken to fit out the most extensive LED back up systems possible.


For all the requirements of emergency lighting and LED backup lights at Manama, Bahrain; trust Aromax to have things under full control and to execute one of the most capable of lighting systems.


All the requirements of fire & safety and even the emergency services, trust Aromax to come to a quick conclusion on the kind of systems and kind of technology to use too. Get a no-obligation quote to understand how much it costs to get the system up and running at any time and for whatever purpose of buildings.

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